Thursday, August 05, 2004

"Hilton Village"? What the heck is "Hilton Village"?

Reading the local rag, I come across this item about Mapleberry's very own befuddled town government and the currently empty Verizon building:

"The Verizon building is located in an industrial area along Burnett Avenue North of DeHart Park and is considered by some to be the centerpiece of a possible 14-acre redevelopment zone that Mayor Fred Profeta has heralded as a possible 'Hilton Village' and a $50 million rateable."

Has anybody else heard of this "Hilton Village" before? Seen models? Mock-ups? Anybody like to try to calculate the value of a '$50 million' rateable to the average property taxpayer in Maplewood? (My guess is a measly $145 per year.)

This week the Mayor surprised us with the unexpected announcement that taking a "scientific" poll would now replace representative democracy in Maplewood. I wonder when we get to see Hilton Village -- or even more importantly, meet the developer who is going to build this place for us. Fortunately, unlike his decision to relocate the police station on the advice of hand-picked community "representatives," Da Mayor has promised us full public hearings before re-making a chunk of the town as "Hilton Village."

I can hardly wait.

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