Sunday, August 15, 2004

How many people was Cipel paid to smear? 
From the New York Post, reporting on Cipel's extortion requests:

"But sources said Cipel added a surprise demand: that the governor allow Manhattan-based Touro College to go ahead with plans to build a medical school in New Jersey.

'This immediately raised eyebrows,' one of the sources said, because it suggested a link between Cipel and ex-New Jersey Sen. Robert Torricelli, who is Touro's lead adviser on the project.

"The source said McGreevey aides asked themselves: 'What does Cipel have to do with Torricelli?' . . .

"Sean Jackson, a vice president of Rosemont Associates, a consulting firm run by Torricelli, said the company has been advising Touro on opening a medical school in the state since December 2003.

"'During this time, Cipel has never been present at any meeting. He has never been involved in any conference calls. We've never talked to the guy," Jackson said. "We find the whole thing bizarre.'"

Me too.

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