Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The marvelous flexibility of the U.S. Constitution 
Last night on the podium of the Republican convention, GOP-party-whore John McCain came in from the cold of turning tricks with fat-cats near the entrance to the Lincoln tunnel to deliver an arousing speech to the lowforehead crowd penned up indoors. Bending over as far as he could to pleasure the fundamentalists, McCain breathed heavily about Bush's war in Iraq, which he hailed as a noble process of bringing American liberties to an enslaved populace : "Our efforts may encourage the people of a region that has never known peace or freedom or lasting stability that they may someday possess these rights," he said.

Meanwhile, back in the real Iraq, a spokesman for Moktada al-Sadr told the NYT that Sadr's militia won't turn over its weapons, invoking the 2nd Amendment. "Don't most families in America keep a weapon?" he asked.

The Los Angeles Times reports today that 63 GIs were killed in August versus 54 in July and 42 in June. "They are just hitting us hard and everywhere," said one analyst. "The reason they are effective is because they just have more people shooting at us." Doh. More evidence of that "catastrophic success" Gen. Shinseki tried to warn Congress about?

And hey, folks: We're not just giving up on the war on terror, we're forgetting about winning hearts and minds as well. The State Department has shifted $3.3 billion away from reconstruction in Iraq into paying for security. Something tells me all that will buy us is . . . yep, more people shooting at us.

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