Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm shocked, shocked, liberals would be interested in gossip-mongering 
Cultural critic for Vanity Fair, novelist, sometime writer for Esquire, Harper's and The New Yorker, James Wolcott is now a fellow blogger! Thank goodness he's trying to elevate the tone by taking a principled stand against the internet becoming a venue for the scandalous. He blogs:
It's unseemly, the lipsmacking excitement that's sweeping certain districts of blogland over the imminent publication of Kitty Kelley's The Family, a guacamole-spattered group portrait of the Bushes.

True, some of the alleged revelations sound as if they'll add piquancy to the political season.

How Barbara Bush ran over a Guatamalan with her golf cart and tried to compensate the grieving family with "colorful beads." How George Bush senior went whoring with Sam Peckinpah in Mexico during pre-production of The Wild Bunch. The Elvis White Panty Parties that the teenage Bush twins would reenact for the sordid entertainment of Prince Bandhar on "Saudi Night" at the Crawford ranch. And then there is the chapter devoted to George Bush's lost years in the National Guard, and his special bunkmate, who knew the ingredients of a great rubdown.

But I think we should wait for the book itself before chipping in to buy Kitty a tiara and crown her our Queen. We have been disappointed before hoping this book (Richard Clarke's) or that (Ron Suskind's) would diminish the boyish charm of George Bush in the public's eyes.

Nevertheless, I've preordered my copy and urge all Americans and illegal immigrants to do likewise.
Tsk. Tsk.

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