Sunday, May 11, 2003

WHO are the supporters of open government?

Has anyone besides me noticed that, on Maplewood Online, it's mostly the supporters of Ryan and DeLuca who identify themselves? Clearly it's not every one, on either side, but most of Vic and Jerry's friends and supporters are right up front about who they are, why Vic & Jerry have their support, and what they think the important differences are between Ryan/DeLuca and the machine candidates. On the other hand, almost none of the FOKKs (Friends of Ken&Kathy) have anything positive to say - even about their own candidates. Their preferred method is the anonymous attack - witness the number of new ID's (not to mention the old reliables) that have shown up on MOL recently, to anonymously attack Vic & Jerry.

So - if their opinions are worthwhile, their positions secure, and their confidence in their candidates unassailable, why are they so afraid of showing their faces?

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