Friday, June 27, 2003

Internet democracy in action. Did you vote?

Thousands cast votes in online Democratic primary

By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (June 25, 2:02 p.m. ADT) - More than 210,000 people have voted so far in the 48-hour, online Democratic presidential primary being held by the advocacy group MoveOn.org, officials with the organization said Wednesday.

That total has already surpassed the number of registered voters who cast ballots for Democratic nominees in the 2000 New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses combined, a sign of the influence the Internet can wield in national elections, said Wes Boyd, the group's co-founder.

The winner will be announced at noon EDT today. If the leading vote-getter gets more than 50% of the vote, MoveOn will endorse him/her and ask its membership to contribute to that candidate's campaign.

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