Thursday, June 26, 2003

Maybe, just maybe, all is not yet lost here

The Supreme's did something right for a change ... and it was a decisive 6-3 vote instead of the dicey 5-4 we've seen so much of.

Scalia, predictably, led the minority against the decision. He says the court has been co-opted by the "so-called homosexual agenda," and that "The court has taken sides in the culture war..." He conveniently failed to note that a decision the other way would have been just as much taking sides.

Scalia goes on to lament that the ruling would invite laws allowing same-sex marriages. Well shave my ass and call me Shirley - what a concept! Maybe our very own state of NJ will be first in line. There's an active lawsuit challenging NJ's limitation of marriage to heterosexuals. The grounds of the Lambda Legal Defense Fund's suit, brought on behalf of 7 gay couples in New Jersey, is that denying them the right to marry violates their constitutional rights to privacy and equality - very similar to the Texas sodomy case in that way. One can only hope that the NJ Supreme Court reads the tea leaves that way too...

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