Sunday, July 06, 2003

It looked promising, but
my experience tonight at the new "Dancing Goat" cafe in South Orange (South Orange Ave at Vose), which opened on July 4th, does not bode well.

I went to the counter, ordered an iced Americano and a piece of apple cake. When asked "for here? Or to go?" I told them I was staying, so I was dispatched to a table. Once there, a waitress took my order for a second time. She brought a hot Americano - no cake. I sent the coffee back, reiterating my request for ICED Americano. After another 5-10 minutes, yet another person brought the now-iced coffee - still no apple cake. I said to him "I ordered a pice of the apple cake with that" - he smiled, said "Oh, OK'" and walked away - never to return. No cake.

6 people working, perhaps 8 customers ... and no cake, despite ordering it 3 separate times. Maybe, instead of "the customer is always right" they actually thought "this guy doesn't NEED the cake - it'll make him fat" and didn't bring it because they were really looking out for me. Somehow, I doubt it though.

I WILL be back to try the place again - it looks nice, they've got a shelf full of books to read while sipping and noshing, and there's a nice room in the back that looks like it's gonna be a good performance space. I 'll be charitable and chalk up tonight's experience to opening week bugs. But another experience or two like it and I'll be wishing the place a quick death.

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