Friday, July 30, 2004

In case you have a few dollars laying around...

The convention is over, Senator Kerry is now Candidate Kerry, and the $75 million in federal campaign funds have kicked in, so no more contributions directly to the Kerry campaign. There are other, equally important races at the national level, in both the House and the Senate, so how about giving some money to help make the Congress one that can help, rather than hinder, President Kerry.

Send money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (chaired by our own Senator Jon Corzine) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Wresting control of the Senate away from the Republicans is within reach and, while taking the House is a real long-shot, it's not impossible either. Both these organizations need money to campaign, and most especially important this year they need it to get out the vote. That will be the key - getting people who don't really believe that their vote will make a difference to get out there and cast one anyway.

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