Thursday, August 12, 2004

Is there a full moon tonight? 
I can hear Steve Lonegan howling
TRENTON -- Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan this afternoon said that he has filed paperwork with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission to run for Governor in the 2005 election.

Lonegan will run in the June 2005 Republican Primary and said his announcement today was designed to tell Republicans and Democrats alike that “the Democrats can run who they want to replace McGreevey. They don’t scare me. Every one of these possible candidates represents the same failed pro-tax, anti-suburban, pro-abortion, anti-homeowner liberal-left agenda that McGreevey represented and I’ll beat whoever they put up, regardless of how much they spend.”

The Bogota Mayor, who won reelection last year to a third term by 16 points in a town carried by both Gore and McGreevey by 3-2 margins, said he has been urged to run by conservative leaders throughout the state who are “fed up with the ultra-left agenda being pushed by the soon to be former Governor and his legislative lapdogs.”

“All along we expected that McGreevey would ultimately not be the candidate so the Governor’s announcement today has had no effect on our strategy,” Lonegan said. “Corzine, Codey, Andrews and McGreevey have the exact same ultra-left views on every single issue from taxes to debt to abortion to gun control and everything else. New Jersey taxpayers are fed up with their tax and spend liberal big government and social engineering programs that have made our taxes among the highest and our business climate among the worst in the nation.”

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