Saturday, August 07, 2004

Karl Rove asks: "Doesn't this make you feel safer?"

Once again the Bush White House has decided that their political interests outweigh the security of US residents. In an effort to prove they are doing a good job in the "war on terror," they've gone public with the name of the operative who provided the latest al Quaeda intelligence.

We've been told since 9/11 that our intelligence in the Muslim world is poor because we lack on-the-ground operatives there. Despite that, as with the Plame affair, in both leaks AND subsequent public statements, the administration seems to go out of its way both to reveal AND TO ENDANGER both those operatives and their networks. So Joe Wilson can be discredited. So Tom Ridge can be bolstered.

It's like their performance with the economy - the corner we're turning will take us southbound on the northbound truck-lane of the Jersey Turnpike. In a Mini. In the dark. With no lights on. Doesn't that make you feel safe?

A Pakistani intelligence source told Reuters Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, who was arrested in Lahore secretly last month, had been actively cooperating with intelligence agents to help catch al Qaeda operatives when his name appeared in U.S. newspapers.

"After his capture he admitted being an al Qaeda member and agreed to send e-mails to his contacts," a Pakistani intelligence source told Reuters.


The New York Times published a story on Monday saying U.S. officials had disclosed that a man arrested secretly in Pakistan was the source of the bulk of information leading to the security alerts.

The newspaper named him as Khan, although it did not say how it had learned his name. U.S. officials subsequently confirmed the name to other news organizations on Monday morning. None of the reports mentioned that Khan was working under cover at the time, helping to catch al Qaeda suspects.


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