Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Okay, so yes, I AM an idealist

and this guy seems to know how to push all my starry-eyed optimist buttons. At a campaign event in Illinois a couple of days ago Barack Obama said:
"I need your help. Everybody here has to believe in our government. The most important office in the land is the office of citizen. If you aren't involved, then politicians will misbehave on both sides. They get sloppy, they get lazy, special interests start making advances. Only when you decide not only to register, not only to vote, but to stay informed, get your neighbors involved, focus on the issues that all of us face, will we be able not only to inherit this world from our parents, but also understand that we're borrowing it from our children. And we've got a committment to give them a world that's just a little bit better than the one we've got."
via Xan at Corrente.

If you're not registered to vote in NJ, here's the registration form . You have until October 4, 2004 to get the form in. The address is on the form - all you need is a pen, an envelope, and a stamp. Don't delay - do it today.

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