Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Rovian fingerprints 
"Why did Golan Cipel decide to bring his charges now? Is it because the Democratic Bosses who run New Jersey got to him somehow, and are using him to clear Jim McGreevey out of the way so they can run John Corzine for Governor next year and keep themselves from losing control of the most powerful Governor's office in America?" -- GOP gubernatorial candidate Bret Schundler, 08/12/04

From PoliticsNJ.com
Schundler, typically, draws the wrong conclusions from the right information. Although he now has a 10%+ lead in most polls, two months ago New Jersey looked a bit dicey for John Kerry - the polls were making NJ look like a swing state instead of a comfortable "blue" state. What better way, then, to encourage undecideds and barely-committeds to believe that the Democrats and their candidate, led by an ethically challenged gay man, were unworthy of their votes. It would be hard to tie any of McGreevey's ethical lapses to Kerry or the national Dem ticket but, despite its bad odor in civilized company, homophobia still runs close to the surface in many people. It's not hard to tap into that for political advantage, and who is a better political manipulator of voters' baser impulses than Karl Rove? This is just the sort of thing he's the master of. Was a it a Rove special-op? I dunno, but it sure is his style.

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