Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why Resign? 
I'm wondering about the real reasons behind McGreevey's resignation. It seems to me that he should simply have outed himself and then remained in office. It would have been the politically courageous thing to do.After having said
My truth is is that I am a gay American and I am blessed to live in the greatest nation with the greatest tradition of civil liberties in the world," he said. "Shamefully, I indulged in an adult consensual affair with another man, which violates the bonds of matrimony. It was wrong, it was foolish and it was inexcusable.

For this I ask for the forgiveness and grace of my wife," McGreevey told a stunned news conference, his second wife Dina by his side, holding his hand.
He should have stiffened his spine, announced some new initiatives toward legalizing gay marriage, and thanked New Jersey's citizens for their support. Instead, he went on to announce his resignation. I can only assume that either:
  1. The pending harrassment suit or the ongoing fundraising scandals would be damaging beyond recovery, or
  2. He was pressured to resign by the party because they felt he would be unable to retain office in the next election.
Opportunity lost. Too bad.

Update 10:50 PM
I'm afraid that "stiffen his spine" sounds unnecessarily harsh. I didn't mean it to ... I'm sure Mr. McGreevey is feeling horrible - worse than I hope I ever feel. It's just that, had it been possible for him to find his way through this without feeling the need to resign, it would have been to everyone's benefit.

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