Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Concert for Kerry/Edwards 
I'm really pleased to be a sponsor of an exciting fundraiser for John Kerry and John Edwards - the
Concert For Kerry Edwards Victory '04

The concert, to be held at the Maplewood Women's Club on October 17th, features some of my absolute favorite musicians: Odetta, Marshall Crenshaw, Greg Brown, The Roches, and Iris DeMent. I don't know if there's ever before been such a star-studded concert in Maplewood. Tickets start at $100 and, considering the talent on view, would be well worth it even if it were only for the music. It's oh so much better that the money is going to help elect John Kerry.

And, of course, you might even get to meet me. What more could you want?

For more details and tickets, visit the website or call 973-325-0936.

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