Thursday, September 30, 2004

Duberstein's trenchant analysis 
Ken Duberstein, who was once Ronald Reagan's White House Chief of Staff and now finds work as an advisor to Republicans and as a journeyman right-wing hatchetman on the talking-head shows, is described in his online bio as enjoying "bi-partisan demand for his insightful and honest appraisal of the political realities currently facing America."

He was on Hardball last night talking about John Kerry. If this is what passes for insightful appraisal, I've got a bridge to sell to Chris Matthews.
MATTHEWS: How can he on both sides of every issue if he‘s got a 100 percent liberal voting record?

DUBERSTEIN: Guess what?

MATTHEWS: Sounds to me like he‘s always on the liberal side.

DUBERSTEIN: And guess what? He‘s also nuanced, which is a French word!

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