Thursday, September 09, 2004

Forget the physical - let's go to the Officers Club 
Why should any American soldier ever follow an order now? The Commander-in-Chief didn't. He not only wasn't punished, he got an honorable discharge. If I were a lifer in the military, I would be SERIOUSLY pissed off at George Bush. If I were an officer or an NCO, I'd not only be pissed, I'd be scared. Soldiering is not my thing, but even I can understand and appreciate the necessity of military discipline, where the idea is to accomplish a definite goal AND not get yourself or your teammates killed in the process. For all his macho flight-suit bluster, AWOL-Boy has no understanding of that - for him it's all cool action figures and tinker toys. If I were in uniform, I'd worry about orders that came from a guy like him.

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