Monday, September 20, 2004

Republican brownshirts on the loose 
I'm sure they don't think of themselves that way but then, such people never do. How long 'til an American Kristallnacht?
Vandals target local Democrats’ office for second time
Lafayette Daily Advertiser
September 17, 2004

LAFAYETTE[Louisiana] — Vandals set fire to signs and wrote pro-President Bush messages on the front of Lafayette’s Democratic Party Headquarters, the second time the office was hit by vandals.

The remnants of a small fire fueled with John Kerry/John Edwards campaign signs remained on the front steps of the headquarters at 310 Buchanan St. in downtown Lafayette on Thursday morning.

A mixture of ash from the fire and what appeared to be motor oil was used to smear “4+ GWB” across the front windows and “W” on the headquarters’ door.


Skinner said it’s the second time this location has been vandalized. Recently, campaign signs were torn up and thrown into the street in front of the office and a bottle was shattered on the sidewalk in front of the door.

Bush campaign officials in Louisiana and Arlington, Va., did not immediately return calls for comment, the Associated Press reported.

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