Friday, October 08, 2004

Flash! No WMD in Iraq. WMD in Indiana and New Jersey 
After defecting from Iraq in 1995, Hussein Kamel, Saddam Hussein's son-in-law and his head of weapons development, testified that Iraq had destroyed all their WMDs. He had no incentive to lie on Saddam's behalf - he was trying hard to ingratiate himself with the west. In fact, he was killed by Saddam in 1996 when he returned to Iraq.

So it came as no surprise that George Bush's hand-picked weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer, reported the same thing. But there are still plenty of WMD, right here in the United States. We (the US government, that is) have over 2.5 million pounds of VX nerve gas stored in Newport Indiana.

Thankfully, the Army has now slated for the VX for destruction. However, instead of dealing with the resulting waste in Indiana, they want to ship the whole mess to a duPont treatment facility here in NJ. There's no guarantee that all the gas will have been neutralized. In fact
This summer, the Army conceded that small but unacceptable amounts of VX from some containers in the stockpile had survived the original disposal treatment. Officials said the problem agents came from containers with particular stabilizing chemicals, about 54 percent of the total, but they declined to release results.

via Fred Clark at Slacktivist

Somehow I don't find this very reassuring.

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