Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't give these suckers your money OR your votes 
...no matter how big their "but we're Democrats!" crocodile tears...
Baucus, Mont., Bingaman, N.M., Byrd, W.Va., Carper, Del., Conrad, N.D., Dodd, Conn., Dorgan, N.D., Feingold, Wis., Johnson, S.D., Kohl, Wis., Landrieu, La., Leahy, Vt., Levin, Mich., Lieberman, Conn., Lincoln, Ark., Murray, Wash., Nelson, Fla., Nelson, Neb., Pryor, Ark., Rockefeller, W.Va., Salazar, Colo., Wyden, Ore.

via The Sideshow
These US Senators are the so called Democrats who, along with all 55 Republicans, voted to confirm John Roberts as Chief Justice. What good is being the opposition party if you're never willing to oppose anything?

Apropos of that but on the Iraq issue, there's a very interesting and thought-provoking article by William Lind at AntiWar.com. It's about Fourth Generation War. He writes:
...such a lack of debate and absence of alternatives makes probable is a bitter fracturing of the American body politic once the loss of the war becomes evident to the public. The public will feel itself betrayed, not merely by one political party, but by the whole political system.

The primum mobile of Fourth Generation war is a crisis of legitimacy of the state. If the absence of a loyal opposition and alternative courses of action further delegitimizes the American state in the eye of the public, the forces of the Fourth Generation will have won a victory of far greater proportions than anything that could happen on the ground in Iraq. The Soviet Union's defeat in Afghanistan played a central role in the collapse of the Soviet state. Could the American defeat in Iraq have similar consequences here? The chance is far greater than Washington elites can imagine.

via James Wolcott

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