Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good News for Maplewood 
Jon Corzine's election as Governor may be good news for Maplewood. Mr. Corzine has been a good friend to our town, visiting often, campaigning for local Dems or just visiting. It doesn't hurt that his daughter is the "Jen" of Pen & Jen's Tea Shop in the Maplewood NJ Transit station.

More importantly, for a politician, is this - Essex County voted for Corzine more strongly than any other county in NJ, at just over 72%, and Maplewood's percentage for Corzine was higher still - over 77% - so he should have no second thoughts about seeing to it that we get more of what we need from Trenton over the next 4 years.

Now here's a question - did Corzine leave the Senate and run for Governor because it better positions him for a Presidential run in 2012? He'll be 65 years old then - is that too late? I certainly don't see him running in 2008 - he doesn't have the political organization, or the experience, to do it so soon.

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