Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Years Resolution 
Let's resolve in 2006 to make New Jersey bluer.

Two NJ Republican House members are particularly worthy of booting out of office - Scott Garrett of the 5th District, and Mike Ferguson of the 7th .

BlueJersey.net says there are 2 Democrats vieing for the nomination in the 5th - Anne Wolfe and Paul Aronsohn. ActBlue is now accepting contributions for the 5th district general election campaign and will distribute them to whichever candidate emerges after the primary, so why not toss 'em a few shekels? (FWIW, I met and had a nice conversation with Anne Wolfe in Maplewood not long ago, and she seemed like a good candidate to me).

In the 7th, it looks like former Hillsborough mayor Joseph Tricario will be facing off against Union Assemblywoman Linda Stender in the Dem primary, and the cheerleading there is being led by the Blue 7th PAC. They're holding a fundraiser in February - a concert at the McCarter Theater featuring The Indigo Girls - to help finance whoever ends up as Ferguson's opponent in November. Buy a few tickets for the folkies you love. (For more on why we should get rid of Ferguson A.S.A.P., check out DumpMike.com.) After the revolutionary election results in Millburn's TC races last month, I think getting Ferguson out of Washington is doable - so let's do it.

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