Friday, October 19, 2007

Chris Dodd "hearts" the Constitution. Why doesn't Harry Reid? 
The latest news on the FISA front is that Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader and so-called Democrat, reportedly plans not to honor Chris Dodd's hold - that he will allow the bill to come to the Senate floor anyway. Not only will he be undercutting a member of his own party, he'll be ignoring generations of Senate tradition and precedent. It kinda makes you wonder what Reid's about.

Dodd plans to fight - to filibuster if need be. Here's part of an email I received from the Dodd campaign just a few minutes ago:
Just last night, we heard there are plans to disregard Senator Dodd's intention to place a hold on a FISA bill that includes amnesty for telecommunications companies.

That would be a pretty extraordinary move, but Chris Dodd has pledged to stop this horrible bill any way he can.

So if the hold is not honored, he is prepared to go to the Senate floor and filibuster.
I think it's time to call Harry Reid and ask him some pointed questions. And, like I said in my previous post - show Chris Dodd some love.

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