Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you Senator McCain 
Dear John -

Thanks for showing how truly unfit for command you are. After ducking even David Letterman (and lying about it), you went to Washington (after preening before the crowds at the Clinton Global Initiative) and said almost nothing. When asked which plan to deal with the crisis you supported - a crisis which you deem so important that you "suspended" your campaign to deal with it - you contributed little and couldn't even say what bailout plan you supported. You appear not to be sure which political horse to ride - the "Professionals" (Paulson, Bernanke, a jillion economists, Chairmen Dodd & Frank and their working, bipartisan, committees), or the "Conservatives" (Senator Shelby and a bunch of grandstanding House Republicans). While you are fiddling, Rome may not yet be burning, but if it does no one will be able to borrow any money to rebuild it.

As President you don't get to do just one thing at a time. As President, you delegate work to people who are able to do it, and get out of the way until they tell you they're either a) done or b) need your help. As President, you don't get to call a time-out while you figure out how to pull your ass out of the fire. Perhaps your "suspended" campaign was the best favor you could do for America, for it shows us just how temperamentally unsuited to the Presidency you really are.

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