Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rachel and the Wonkette 
Rachel Maddow is the best thing going on MSNBC - she's funny, goofy, cute, amazingly endearing, and very, very smart. She was, for too long, the best thing on Air America Radio, and certainly the best of their home-grown talent.

But what's up with her frequent MSNBC guest Ana Marie Cox? More specifically, why is she a guest at all? Cox was often entertaining at Wonkette as a kind of Gen-X Maureen Dowd - her shtick is a Dowd-like funny (and often mean-spirited) snarkiness, but she seems utterly devoid of Dowd's (too-rarely displayed) gift for the trenchant observation. Cox has not been an especially good reporter, and as an analyst she's neither very deep nor very insightful.

So Rachel, please - find someone else for whatever role it is you think Ana Marie Cox is filling.

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