Friday, November 05, 2004

In the wee small hours of November 3 2004, a new country appeared on the map of the modern world: the DSA, the Divided States of America. Oh yes, I know, the obligatory pieties about "healing" have begun; not least from the lips of the noble Loser. This is music to the ears of the Victor of course, who wants nothing better than for us all to Come Together, a position otherwise known as unconditional surrender. Please, fellow curmudgeons and last ditchers, can someone on the losing side just for once not roll over and fall into a warm bath of patriotic platitudes at such moments, but toot the flute of battle instead; yell and holler and snarl just a wee bit? I don't want to heal the wound, I want to scratch the damned thing until it hurts and bleeds - and then maybe we'll have what it takes to get up from the mat.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Late-day poll watch 
I just finished up my stint as poll-watcher, and the turnout, at 5 PM with about 3 hours left, was at 65%. Remember, those three hours are when folks get home from work, finish dinner, and can get out before the polls close ... so look for a 75% turnout, if not higher, in Maplewood.

If the rest of the country is like this, Kerry's got it made in the shade.

mid-day pollwatching 
I'm just taking a quick break for lunch, from my poll-watching duties for local candidate David Huemer. The turnout at the precinct I am working has had phenomenal turnout so far - almost 50% of registered voters had already voted by 1 PM, and polls will be open for another 7 hours. Lots of people who've never voted before. It's amazing. And looking good.

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