Friday, March 12, 2010

Dead Again 
I just spoke to a staffer in Rep. Donald Payne's (D - NJ 10) office to see where he stood on the public option via the reconciliation process. She told me that Pelosi is sending them a bill that does NOT include the public option, AT ALL. 

I told the staffer that this was unacceptable - that my preference, despite some good things in the bill, is that he should vote against it. She was apologetic - Payne has been and still is a big supporter of Universal Healthcare. 

Benito Mussolini promised to make the trains run on time, and he probably did. There are good things in the healthcare bill we're being promised, too - but today, as it was in 1930's Italy, the cost is too high. I do not want to be forced by law to buy health insurance from a private company. That, although it pains me to sound like a tea-partier, is the fascist path - the merging of government interests with those of corporations. Government as a marketing arm of the insurance industry. I wouldn't mind paying taxes, or a premium, to Medicare, but mandating that I MUST pay Aetna, UHC, Wellpoint, or one of the other corporate insurers just isn't cool, isn't right, and is profoundly anti-democratic.

I may still support individual candidates from time to time, but I am tired of being fucked by the Democratic Party. I'm done with them. Unfortunately, they're probably not done with me.

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