Monday, December 05, 2005

New Jersey Backgrounder 
The group-blog BlueJersey.net has produced a new, and very useful, guide to NJ politics and public policy, called New Jersey Politics 101.

It has 3 major sections - from the site's intro:

1. Government and Politics

New Jersey has many different, sometimes complicated levels of government, each representing different physical boundaries. In this section we identify the various levels of government, beginning at the top with representation at the Federal level and proceding down to the State, County and Municipal level. We then introduce the organization and structure of the Democratic party and explain why and how the party County chairs, sometimes refered to as the party "bosses" have so much power. Primary elections and requirements for voting round up this section.

2. Issues

In this section, we provide an introduction to some of the major issues affecting New Jersey. Some issues, like the Highlands and Home Rule, are unique to New Jersey. Others important issues in New Jersey include Suburban Sprawl, Urban Issues, Pay-to-Play, Property Taxes, Verified Voting, Women in Government, Stem Cell Research and Domestic Partners.

3. Important Names in NJ Politics

This section is self-explanatory. While it's not an exhaustive list, it contains information on some of the most influential players in NJ state politics.
If you want to have some clue when you're discussing NJ politics, check this site out as one of your first stops.

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