Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reliable in their Scumbaggery 
As expected, the bought-off Democratic members of the Senate Finance Committee (Senators Baucus, Nelson, Conrad, Lincoln, and Carper) killed the public-plan option in their version of healthcare reform - leaving it as a big, fat, sloppy-wet kiss for the insurance companies to whom they really owe their jobs.

I'm not going to bother sending these bozos any emails - there's no point since they've already demonstrated that they are not responsible to their constituents or to the country as a whole, but only to their corporate masters. What I WILL do is give money to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for ads targeting Baucus and Company. Money and embarrassing publicity are the two things they will respond to.

There are a few things that Dems, as a group, could do:
  1. Menendez (as chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) should withhold any campaign money from them .
  2. The DSCC should back primary challenges against those 5. The Publicans do this all the time to keep the troops in line and on message.
  3. President Obama should call 'em in to the Oval Office and tell 'em, point blank, "When any federal departments (DOE, DOD, HHS, Agriculture, etc) have discretion as to where money will be spent, it will not be spent in your states."
  4. The other Dems on Finance should vote to kill the bill before it ever gets out of committee.
  5. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should chuck Baucus's bill and bring the much better HELP Committee (Kennedy/Harkin/Dodd/Sanders) bill to the floor instead.
I doubt any of these will happen, since the swearing-in process for Democrats entering Congress or the White House seems to require orchiectomy surgery.

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