Thursday, October 16, 2008

Without Preconditions? 
John McCain is incredulous that Barack Obama would even suggest direct, no pre-conditions talks with Ahmedinajad. Last night, we saw why.

McCain's world view is all about anger and a short fuse - he wears his feelings on his sleeve and can't hold his tongue. It looked last night like he could hardly bear to be sitting at the same table with Obama - he probably can't even imagine sitting down with an 'enemy.'

Obama, on the other hand, is cool and even-tempered. It appears that he can listen to any amount of nonsense and vitriol, and pick out from it the points that actually need to be heard and addressed. That was how he dealt with McCain - who looked like he has more disdain and hatred for Obama than he does for Ahmedinajad.

Obama won the debates, and would 'win' (whatever that would mean, in context) in talks with Iran, because he's wired that way. McCain didn't, and couldn't, because that's the way HE is. And McCain is so buried in that angry-guy worldview that he can't fathom anything different.

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